Case Studies

When we delve a little deeper with our clients - we get to connect all the dots. All of them. And that's when the magic really happens.

Case Study ~ Allentown and Raceway Kia Stores, PA & NJ

Allentown Kia was well-established, serving its Pennsylvania community for several years, while Raceway Kia in New Jersey was new to the Burlington Auto Group, having been acquired in mid-2017. Allentown sales had been slowly dropping off, and the store needed a reboot to get things going. Raceway sales were significantly below expectations.

Case Study ~ D&E Mitsubishi

D&E Mitsubishi had a long history of serving the Wilmington, North Carolina community, experiencing steady growth until 2016 when their business reached a plateau. D&E management felt there was more opportunity but they were unsure about how to get to the next level.

Case Study: Experiential ~The Minnesota Mile

With some out-of-the-box thinking (and understanding that experience breeds loyalty) the Cuneo team helped create an interactive, highly experiential exhibit called “The Minnesota Mile,” a 20,000 sq. ft. course at the Auto Show.

Case Study: Fundraising ~ Gustavus

The power of video to tell stories and move people to action was a key component of this project for Gustavus College. The challenge centered on creating a video that would encourage alumni and supporters to contribute to Gustavus’ long-standing tradition of providing scholarships to first generation college students.

Case Study ~ Jeff Belzer’s

Despite serving their community for more than 30 years, Jeff Belzer was losing local sales to competing dealerships—some a long distance away. They were in need of a strong brand position that would differentiate themselves from other dealers and stay front of mind with area car shoppers.

Case Study ~ White Bear Mitsubishi

White Bear Mitsubishi had a reputation for exceeding customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, it was losing local sales, with new car sales averaging only two a month. It needed a strategy that, despite very little national marketing support for a brand that had minimal in-market intenders, would keep it top-of-mind with area car shoppers and ultimately drive sales. 

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