Pets of Cuneo: Meggi

Meet Joanna’s dog Meggi: a 10-year old Maltese-Yorkie mix with the heart and soul of a puppy. When she’s not begging you to play fetch with her favorite toy, a plush skunk with 3 different squeakers, you can find her taking a nap—most likely upside-down—on the couch.

“She is one of the politest dogs you’ll ever meet. When she’s begging at the dinner table, she’ll tap you with her paw instead of whining or barking.”

Her favorite treats are Greenies and non-leafy lettuce stems. “She always knows when we take lettuce out of the fridge. As soon as it’s on the counter, she’s right there. Even if she was in the basement. She knows. It’s like she has a sixth sense for lettuce!” While this tiny princess will devour almost anything you put in front of her, the one thing she won’t touch is blueberries.