Take a moment to learn a little bit about the newest members of the Cuneo crew. When you see them around the office, introduce yourself and welcome them aboard.

Sharon Goblisch
Media Supervisor

Sharon describes herself as Outgoing, Hands on, and Positive! She’s also always down to join you if you’re having Mexican food for lunch!

Katie Wagner
Senior Account Executive

Did you know Katie grew up on a Llama farm!  And when asked if she might join any of the Cuneo teams, she said, “WHAT — There is bowling?!?! Heck yes!”

Kaitlyn Padden
Account Coordinator

Kaitlyn is excited to get to know everyone here! Did you know she has a twin sister! She’s also a sushi fan, so holler at her if you’re going to Osaka for lunch!

Danielle Briggs
Associate Graphic Designer

Danielle is excited about working with such a close-knit team of talented creatives! She also is ready to join our bowling team as long as they’re serving IPA’s.

Jenny Kunstel
Media Coordinator

Jenny is a photog who collects cameras new and old and uses them all! You can usually see her with something caffeinated in hand.

Mikayla Jacobson
Agency Assistant

In case you didn’t know, Mikayla was a Division One Soccer star throughout college! She should be a great asset on our kickball team this year!

Ariana Nelson-Klug
Digital Coordinator — Social Media

Ariana is excited to learn from her amazing digital team members! The jury’s still out on joining the bowling team but if there’s a happy hour and some hip-hop music included, we might be able to convince her!