Take a moment to learn a little bit about the newest members of the Cuneo crew. When you see them around the office, introduce yourself and welcome them aboard.

Chance Carnahan

Chance joined our team in December. Since then, he has been most excited to get to know everyone by participating in as many Cuneo groups as he can, most notably Happy Hour and bowling. When he isn’t keeping up his karate skills, he enjoys watching The Handmaid’s Tale and listening to the latest hip hop music.

Randy Olson

When Randy was 8, he won a Boys Scouts derby race with a “lightning-fast” car he designed to look like Pikachu. I don’t know about you, but I want to see pictures. Randy is excited to work closer with clients and possibly getting involved with some (or all) of the Cuneo activities. And if you’re ever starting a band, Randy used to be the lead singer of a post-hardcore group.

Kelly Molitor

Should you ever be competing in Disney Trivia, make sure Kelly is on your team. This Disney lover enjoys jamming out to country music and drinking gin and tonics. At Cuneo, she’s most excited about learning her new role and getting to know everyone. Hopefully we’ll see her at a Happy Hour soon!

Will Majeski

If you’re ever going to bribe Will with food, make sure you pick up his favorites: stir fry and orange pop. The thing he’s most excited about his new job at Cuneo is learning about all the different departments. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to ask him about playing intramural hockey in Mariucci Arena.