Author: Heidi Gedis ~ 1/17/19


Six Digital Tactics Your Dealership Needs Right Now

Here are six digital tactics that every dealership can use right now to impact business.
If you’re not using them, you’re missing proven opportunities for more sales.

Six Digital Tactics Your Dealership Needs Right Now

Author: Heidi Gedis ~ 1/17/19


Here are six digital tactics that every dealership can use right now to impact business. If you’re not using them, you’re missing proven opportunities for more sales.


Connected TV, Video Pre-roll and Display

Do you want to make a targeted impression on a potential customer? Look no further than a system designed to reach the individual intender, where the viewer matters more than the site on which the ad serves. And before you execute your campaign, look for a partner that manages their own programmatic platform in house. It will save you an immense amount of money and have a very low cost of entry. Beware of high monthly or campaign minimums. Brand Awareness campaigns ultimately, drive more site visits as they deliver more impressions for every dollar.
Campaigns that are finely targeted in the Programmatic space tend to convert higher. You’re reaching an in-market audience and even if they don’t engage with the ad, they’re absorbing the message while they’re in the planning cycle.
“Video resonates!” Engagement rates are higher with video, and buying video programmatically allows you to attract your prospects at a fraction of the cost. According to WordStream, 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online, so getting your message in front of their video interests matters!
It’s more targeted than ever. We can now target individual consumers who’ve just looked at multiple auto sites plus your brand and we can follow them around like a puppy until they respond! The power of programmatic advertising allows you to conquest your competition and target their customers around the internet, serving them your ads and turning them into your customers.
It reduces fraud. While there’s no way to completely escape the pesky bot traffic, the right programmatic partner will have safeguards in place to prevent as much as possible. Beware of anyone claiming to be 100% fraud free and instead focus on partners who have a “% fraud guarantee”. That way, you won’t pay for fraudulent or bot traffic within a standard margin of acceptance.

VIN Specific Targeting

You have aged inventory that’s a pain in your bottom, or bottom line. Before you drop the price, how about looking for people that are searching for that type of vehicle but perhaps with a different trim or different color, so they missed the fact that you have something that would work for them right now! Then access this highly desirable, hard to reach, and receptive audience to show them the vehicles they’ve likely missed.

Conversion Tool

You already have a customer on your website! Perhaps they’ve looked at a few VDP’s already but haven’t acted. How about offering them a $25 gift card for a test drive? Or $500 off the list price? Bottom line, they’ve already met the qualifications, so instantly remarket to this highly engaged and qualified audience by offering them something that’s not available to the general-public on your website. They’re already looking at your dealership, they might just need a little shove, so let’s give it to them and get that lead!


Search can seem easy but is very complex if you want to maximize your opportunity. Buying keywords and keeping an eye on which words are converting better is a good tactic. To go from good to great, find an SEM partner that understands the deeper, effective conversion strategies, who is involved in your account in real-time and who goes beyond the standard search plays to help your dealership stand out.

Paid & Organic Social

The power of social is undeniable. If customers feel like they know you, they’re more inclined to buy from you. Show some of your company’s personality and core values to those qualified leads and you’ll increase engagement and brand affinity.

Google My Business

The rules have changed on Google My Business! Now, to maximize your SEO opportunities, you need to post regularly on your Google my business page as well!

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