Friendsgiving Recap

In October last year, our friend and coworker, Rob Sullivan, received some difficult news. His wife, Megan, had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. When Team Cuneo heard the news, we all wondered how we could help. Not long after, the Friendsgiving event was born from the hearts and minds of our Leadership team. In a little over two weeks, Kathy Carlson and Heidi Gedis, with the assistance of Mikayla Jacobson and Samantha Smith, reached out to our media vendors and the business community for event donations. Contributions poured in for two weeks, and we received even more on Friendsgiving and following the event. From the combined efforts of our auction purchases, raffle tickets and contributions from our team and from Cuneo Advertising’s match, we raised over $10,000 for the Sullivan family. Way to go, Team Cuneo! Here’s to you, Megan—may you be steadier, stronger and better every day.

“My family and I have the deepest gratitude for the outpouring of support. Your generosity helps us stay focused on our battle with cancer.” Rob Sullivan

Special thanks:
Many of you who asked early on, “How can we help Rob and his family?”
Katie for initiating the Friendsgiving Event concept and nurturing it
Kathy for inspiring our media partners to support the Sullivan family with auction items
Sam for her tireless excellent project management from start to finish
Heidi Gedis for inspiring the business community to contribute auction items
Brian Filippo for the cool auction menus and POP treatments
Mikayla for coordinating the auction elements
Ginny for securely handling the finances with a smile
DJ John for the spirited eclectic music
Ryan and team for their studio clean-up
So many of you who contributed your own auction items/services, set up, cleaned up, and/or helped in a variety of other ways