Case Study ~ D&E Mitsubishi

Case Study ~ D&E Mitsubishi

The Challenge:

(Cuneo became the agency of record mid-June 2018)

D&E Mitsubishi had a long history of serving the Wilmington, North Carolina community, experiencing steady growth until 2016 when their business reached a plateau. D&E management felt there was more opportunity but they were unsure about how to get to the next level. The GM was personally handling all aspects of the dealership’s marketing and advertising, taking valuable time away from other duties. Additionally, it was determined that the dealership was not taking full advantage of available co-op funds.


The Strategy:

First, a full re-brand ­­– including a refreshed logo and a comprehensive initiative to ensure all assets were clearly on brand. The dealership went from simply tagging national TV spots to new, custom TV spots that created a unique and memorable message with a humorous twist. The impact was immediate as D&E’s new message began to resonate in the marketplace. New digital tactics were also deployed to compliment traditional media efforts and processes were designed to make sure every available co-op dollar was maximized. With these steps in place the GM was able to turn his full attention to sales and operational initiatives.


The Result:

As of November 1, 2018, leads have increased more than 75% and sales are up 17% despite being closed for 13 days in September due to Hurricane Florence.

“Cuneo has helped to change how we market ourselves. Their incredible expertise and superior service is unsurpassed. They’ve taken so much busy work off my plate that I can focus on business, and now that we’re running on all cylinders, the growth we were looking for is happening.”   Andy Craven, GM



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