Case Study: Experiential ~The Minnesota Mile

Case Study: Experiential ~ The Minnesota Mile

The Challenge:

Create more impact for a Tier 3 client at an event traditionally dedicated to Tier 1, the 2018 Minneapolis Auto Show. Be unique at an event often characterized by formulaic presentations. And, of course, drive consumers to the client’s showroom.


The Strategy:

With some out-of-the-box thinking (and understanding that experience breeds loyalty) the Cuneo team helped create an interactive, highly experiential exhibit called “The Minnesota Mile,” a 20,000 sq. ft. course at the Auto Show. The course simulated real Minnesota driving complete with potholes, construction zones, and custom-built “ice-bridge” — all to showcase Mitsubishi’s Traction Control System. Attendees rode along with professional drivers over the challenging and often seemingly harrowing course.


The Result:

More than 2,500 visitors experienced the Mitsubishi Minnesota Mile during the Auto Show’s nine-day run, creating hundreds of solid leads. For many of those leads, their experience with the product impacted their buying choices.



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