Cuneo Advertising is a full-service agency powered by AI. We’ve spent the last four years experimenting and learning with different new and emerging technologies to build an AI platform that enhances our three core pillars: Creative, Data, Strategy.

Our newest marketing and communications assistant—Katie-ish—will tell you a little more.

Yes, that’s our President and COO Katie Jackson-Richter. Sort of. The above video was AI-produced in just seconds to demonstrate just one of our many ways for agency and dealer personnel to improve speed and accuracy in automotive marketing.

We’ve seen plenty of it. Not a day goes by that AI isn’t part of marketing conversations—around the water cooler and in the board room. So it’s tempting for automotive dealers to hitch their wagon to what the OEM is doing to take advantage of AI efficiencies without truly understand what it means.

Unfortunately, it means blending in.

A good chunk of dealer advertising dollars are channeled into OEM turnkey T3 solutions, resulting in homogenized marketing. All dealers wind up using the same tech, creative assets and audiences—benifitting the OEM and “certified” tech stacks, but not the individual dealers.

Every ad agency is talking AI, but listen closely to what they’re saying. Many agencies are simply using it to quietly scale and expand profits. At Cuneo, we’re finding new ways to use AI to benefit our clients’ businesses.

  • Our AI is designed as a tool to extend marketing and drive dealership results—not just benefiting the agency.
  • Our AI is SOC 2 and HIPPA compliant for enhanced security.
  • Because of our secure structure, our AI constantly improves with individualized learning informed by our proprietary tech, processes, and thought leadership for a unique, elevated client AI experience.

Cuneo has nearly a half-century of experience under its belt, with success built upon doing things right and innovating on behalf of our clients ( anyone?). AI is simply the next frontier. And no, we’re not replacing the value of the agency or our people. We’re enhancing them and making everyone better by leveraging AI to work hand-in-hand with your marketing team and increase quality organic demand.

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