Case Study ~ Allentown and Raceway Kia Stores, PA & NJ

Case Study ~ Allentown and Raceway Kia Stores, PA & NJ

The Challenge:

Allentown Kia was well-established, serving its Pennsylvania community for several years, while Raceway Kia in New Jersey was new to the Burlington Auto Group, having been acquired in mid-2017. Allentown sales had been slowly dropping off, and the store needed a reboot to get things going. Raceway sales were significantly below expectations.

The Strategy:

For both stores, our plan was to stabilize the number of leads, initiate new tactics to push out new and used cars with more than 60 days on the lot, put the GM out front as the face and voice of the dealership to personalize and localize the connection to the community, help identify opportunities for staff to benefit from additional training, and do a deeper segmentation of their CRM for higher-converting Direct Marketing.

The Result:

In 2018, Allentown sales were up 66% over 2017. Leads also were up 66%. The dealership had record sales for the year, despite Kia being flat nationally. At Raceway, leads were up 60% and the sales were back up to expectations, up year over year, and continue to do well.


“Cuneo’s understanding of our markets, dedication to communication, creativity, and their expansive tools and resources have made working with them easy as well as lucrative.”
Jake Lebowitz, GM Raceway Kia and Allentown Kia.



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