AA Day in the Life

Our day starts the same
As it does every day
We come in a bit early
To put the newspapers away

We open the blinds
And turn on the TV
Unlock the computer
To how many emails? We’ll see

Our friends start walking in
Like clockwork, tick tock
One by one, we smile and wave
As past the front desk they walk

Click clack, click clack
We type our best responses
To the positive and negative reviews
Some not leaving us many options

Off to meetings we go
With the Account Coordinators first
Updating the PML is great
But waiting for trivia is the worst

Next, we see our Digital Team
With useless facts we start
We update the PML together
Then ask Google to confirm if we’re smart

The rest of our day
We have no idea what’s in store
All we know for sure
Being an AA is definitely not a snore


Occasionally we get invoices
From our esteemed Media Team
Oftentimes they are long
But sometimes they’re a dream

Our awesome Account Team asks us
To help them sometimes too
Whether that be research
Or something completely out of the blue

We talked about our delightful Digital Team
And the reputation management we do
Positive reviews are the best
But the negative ones make us boo

But the best part of all
About being an AA,
Is that everyone is nice here
And they want us to stay

Everyone answers our questions
And makes us feel welcome
It’s like we’re one big family
And we thank you for your wisdom

I’ve learned so much
Working as an AA, no really, it’s true
I hope you enjoy working with me
As much as I enjoy working with you

So, here’s to the Cuneoites
The ones that make our day
You guys are the best
And at Cuneo, we will stay