Here’s the viral story behind the viral story.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for White Bear Mitsubishi! A blooper reel meant to put smiles on the faces of their Facebook fans quickly brought amusement to those internationally.  You heard that right, a local Minnesota dealership video went viral!!

How did we get to this unbelievable moment?

Let’s start from the beginning; White Bear Mitsubishi and Cuneo Advertising have enjoyed a long tenured relationship melding a strong dealership brand with marketing expertise.  One look at the White Bear Mitsubishi Facebook page and you’ll see fan and employee participation on a wide variety of posts (as well as multiple visitor posts and reviews).  This active community would become the base for something special.

December 23rd, 2016

We can all agree that 2016 had seen its ups and downs…and downs and downs and downs it seemed as we limped toward 2017.  It was that Friday the video was posted and the positive reactions were immediate!  Once live, the blooper reel exploded with likes, comments, and shares including the General Manager of White Bear Mitsubishi (and local celebrity in his own right), Richard Herod III.

This was only the start.

Like spokes on a wheel (pun intended) the video branched out to a variety of niche communities: University of Minnesota fans, events and organizations White Bear Mitsubishi has supported, and those who’ve struggled with balance in winter conditions.

December 24th, 2016

Christmas Eve saw White Bear Mitsubishi enjoy its best day for impressions with over 500,000! For perspective, 2015 saw just over 850,000 impressions FOR THE YEAR.  Perhaps to get away from in-laws (or celebrate with them) people turned to Facebook for some much needed entertainment.  Christmas Day brought a little less engagement and we began to see a dip the next few days leaving one Cuneo Advertising strategist sure the viral video was starting its half-life decent.  Wrong! December 28th saw an uptick, the 29th beat Christmas Eve impressions, December 30th saw over 825,000 impressions, and the last day of the year saw nearly 1,000,000!

January 1st, 2017

2016 ended in a bang, why not 2017 (new year, new me amiright)?  Derp!  Virality can be unpredictable and the first of the year saw a dramatic dip in impressions compared to that end of the year high.

Okay, THIS is the decent right??  By this juncture the White Bear Mitsubishi blooper reel had spread from Minnesota, to the surrounding Midwest region, to most states that have experienced an icy winter (we’re talking to you Washington and Pennsylvania).  Oh, and Canada.

January 2nd, 2017 – Evening

Gotta check the view count one last time for the night…

A second spike emerges when two 1.5 million page like Facebook pages shared the White Bear Mitsubishi video – “I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On A Crunchy-Looking Leaf” page and the verified Bette Midler page.  Those two shares, coupled with the individual, group, and other Facebook page shares propelled an astonishing 1.71 million impressions for the day (for reference once again, 2015 had just over 850,000 total)!

This major second spark ballooned the already existing ties to more entertainment-based communities (more wheels, more spokes).  January 3rdalone broke the previous impression record with over 6 million that day! By January 4th, White Bear Mitsubishi and Cuneo Advertising were fielding calls from news stations (nationally), seen articles posted internationally, and saw the video climb the rankings on reddit!

January 5th, 2017

January 4th saw another record day for impressions and that Cuneo strategist is starting to feel like a weatherman who can’t predict the weather (no more predictions)!  By this point White Bear Mitsubishi and Cuneo Advertising were just waiting to hear from Ellen (seriously Ellen if you are watching Richard Herod III is a huge fan and would be over the moon to be on your show…call us!).

At the end of the day

White Bear Mitsubishi wanted to provide a little humor during the holidays for its loyal social following.  Multiple variables lined up perfectly and the initial buzz drew the attention of the masses.  Going viral was not the goal, but rather, a positive side effect of connecting with their community.

We’ve enjoyed the ride (again with the puns) and hope you have too!



PS: The White Bear has recovered.

PPS:  Ellen, please do call.



Check out the final spot.