Account Supervisor

This is a job for a seasoned vet. The Account Supervisor (AS) serves as a vital link between the agency and its clientele. As the title suggests, the AS is responsible for the effective management and execution of all elements of the client’s marketing program and, therefore, must possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the client’s business, a high level of expertise in leveraging the agency’s capabilities, and an elite aptitude for two-way communication. Have you been crushing client management at other shops for years? Are you ready to show your chops at a fun, growing agency? Then we want to hear from you.

Director of Accounts

Required Skills:

  • The ability to quickly understand current client advertising/results measurements.
  • The analytical expertise to draw solid conclusions based on measurement results.
  • Hands-on experience with both traditional and digital marketing.
  • The capacity to develop solutions relevant to research findings.
  • The skills to present conclusions and solutions in a clear and. confident manner.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as an agent and liaison between client and agency personnel.
  • Identify, anticipate, and communicate client needs, initiatives, objectives, and opportunities.
  • Initiate and facilitate the development of client marketing strategy, messages, and themes.
  • Supervise and participate in the execution of client advertising programs, campaigns, and events.
  • Provide account coordinators and account executives/managers with information sufficient to initiate, enter, and complete client work orders, job jackets, creative briefs, and other project/campaign documentation.
  • Advise agency media personnel regarding pending or prospective insertions, schedules, or campaigns.
  • Format, coordinate, and present client marketing programs, schedules, and reports.
  • Review, revise, and present client budgets, calendars, campaigns, and reports.
  • Evaluate client media proposals and partnership opportunities.
  • Proof and present client scripts, ads, storyboards, and other creative materials.
  • Acquire client sign-off on client marketing programs and advertising campaigns, including revisions.
  • Provide agency sign-off on respective client marketing programs and advertising campaigns/revisions.
  • Create and distribute monthly, quarterly, and/or annual client billing reports/projections.
  • Supervise and sign off on all client billing.

Adjunct Responsibilities:

  • Provide assistance to account coordinators and account executives in managing and serving respective clientele
  • Participate in the development, presentation, and advancement of the agency brand
  • Identify and develop opportunities for client revenue enhancement
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for new client recruitment
  • Others as may be defined by supervisor

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